NFTs going to be very important as we spend more & more time in metaverse: Jayant Sinha

  • I do believe that in the future virtual digital assets and NFTs will be a very very interesting asset class because they will be linked to specific use cases that will make the existing solutions quite obsolete: Jayant Sinha, Chairperson, Standing Committee on Finance.
  • Iconic photographs, landmark photographs can be secured with NFTs. So there are very good use cases in the Metaverse that can only be secured and moved from one owner to another via NFTs. NFTs are going to be very important as increasingly we spend more and more time in the metaverse.
  • That will increasingly move more and more into the metaverse where we will be able to undertake a whole range of much more interesting and exciting applications and once we are in the metaverse and spending four, five, six hours a day there, we will need to secure our property and digital assets.